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Type 1 water

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Type 1 water, also known as ultrapure water, is used in water systems for the development of several medications. Purified water exists in a variety of types and type 1 water is the purest form available. Virtually all impurities and contaminants have been removed, and you can imagine the benefits this offers lab water systems in which a sterile process is of the utmost importance.


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We are the ideal partner for maintaining and installing your type 1 water

At Deionx we specialize in techniques and technologies that contribute to the development of type 1 water. Not only are we an official distributor for several high-end developers such as Ionpure, Liqui Cel®, Iontech and E-Cell, our experience makes us the ideal partner for maintaining and installing these water systems at your company. If you have any questions regarding these systems or the service which we can provide at Deionx, please feel free to contact our helpful customer service for more information.

The use of type 1 water in the pharmaceutical industry

Type 1 water systems are mostly used as lab water systems because impurities in the water may interfere with the process of developing medical substances. In the pharmaceutical industry type 1 water is also used as a raw material in the formulation of pharmaceutical products and analytical reagents. By using Deionx products, like our ROEDI systems you will be able to produce your own supply of type 1 water, which makes you less dependable of external suppliers. You will also exclude the risk of recontamination during the transport of type 1 water. If you would like to know more about our systems, please contact Deionx by calling us at +31 164 265921.

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