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Technical support EDI

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Our service centre offers you the possibility to get EDI cleaning, inspection, repairs, overhaul or clean existing equipment. We can also give you advice on applying the correct equipment, proper pre-treatment and preventive maintenance for your installation.


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Technical support across the world for EDI cleaning and more

As a specialist in the field of EDI cleaning systems, we provide technical support across the world. Several brands we are very familiar with are:

  • Iontech modules (Iontech-EDI)
  • E-Cell stacks (SUEZ)
  • Ionpure modules (Evoqua)
  • FEDI®stacks (Qua)

DeionX is the European Distributor and Service Provider for Iontech, as well as Service Provider for E-Cell, Ionpure and FEDI. We can help you with the following technical support:

  • EDI system optimizing
    • EDI projection (E-Calc, IP-Pro, EDI_simulator, CEDI startup)
    • Hydraulic design review
    • Pre-treatment review (IMSDesign, SIRIO, ROSA, Winflows)
    • Conduct autopsies
    • Water analysing
  • Training of technical staff
  • Cleaning EDI module(s)
    • EDI cleaning in our facility
    • EDI cleaning onsite at the customers’ location
  • Supply spare parts for an EDI system
  • Adapt, expand and modernize EDI systems

Reduced delivery program E-Cell stacks

E-Cell has decided to no longer deliver the older MK-2E EDI stacks. The current delivery program includes the following stacks:

  • E-Cell-3X
  • E-Cell MK-3
  • E-Cell MK-3 PharmHT
  • E-Cell MK-3 MiniHT

This means that in case you need to replace your current E-Cell MK-2E stacks you no longer can buy the same stacks but should change your MK-2E based system to a more modern MK-3 based system. We have done several of these upgrades for our customers and can assist you in how to complete this most efficient!


Contact us for technical support

If you do need technical support for your EDI equipment like cleaning, contact us and call +31164265921 or mail to info@deionx.com. We are there to support you 24/7/365. You cannot resolve a problem till you know what caused it!

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