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TDK Genesys power supply

A TDK Genesys EDI power supply can be supplied by Deionx in the Netherlands. With an experience that covers over two decades, we are the ideal partner for industrial companies that require stable DC power. A TDK Genesys EDI power supply has useful applications in a variety of industries and is suitable for indoor use. Feel free to look at our products online and don’t hesitate to contact us at Deionx if you have any questions regarding the applications of the TDK Genesys EDI power supply or the service that we can offer.

TDK Genesys EDI power supply features

The Genesys power supply is available in several different models of which the most powerful one has a power density of 5000W. Other features of this system include:

  • A built in RS232/RS485 interface;
  • Stacking possibilities because the heat intake and release goes from front to back, rather than from top to bottom;
  • High resolution 16-bit converter;
  • Resetting becomes obsolete because the last setting before switching off the system is saved on the device.

Features can slightly differ between the different models of the TDK Genesys EDI power supply. Which model suits your needs best, can be determined in a personal appointment with one of our specialists.

Contact Deionx for more detailed information

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information about our products and what possibilities exist in terms of service by Deionx. We would therefore like to invite you to contact us and make an appointment for a closer introduction. We can be reached via phone number +31 164 265921.

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