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Purified water specialist

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Water purification is a collective term for a variety of techniques which are used to remove unwanted substances such as chemicals, gasses and biological contaminants from water. Pure water systems are globally used to produce water which is fitted for a specific purpose. These purposes can differ quite extensively from one another. Water purification can be used for transforming salt or transforming contaminated water into clean drinking water. A pure water specialist, such as Deionx however, is also capable of purifying water to such a degree that there are no more traces of any other substance. A specialist calls this type of purified water Ultra Pure Water (UPW), and this system is used in various industries. At Deionx we would be glad to tell you more about our services and products as a purified water specialist. Feel free to contact us with all your questions.


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Purified water by a specialist in pure water systems

At our company, we have several pure water systems available for applications within the power, chemical, pharmaceutical and general industries. As a specialist in purified water, we can do more than just deliver a state-of-the-art water purification system. Because of our extensive experience, we are also able to assist you with the installation of UPW systems and we offer our customers a worldwide 24/7 and 365 days a year technical support service. If there is anything wrong with your system, one phone call is all you need. Maintenance on a regular basis is also part of our service. Regular maintenance will keep your machines running effectively and efficiently. Less power is needed to run your UPW systems and that means a sharp reduction in costs.

Make an appointment with a purified water specialist from Deionx

At Deionx, we would be happy to further assist you in choosing the right UPW systems with power supply for the application that you have in mind. To do this, we will first need to make an inventory of your current situation. Therefore, we would like to invite you to contact our customer service and make an obligation-free appointment with a specialist from Deionx. Together you can decide which UPW systems will suit your needs best, and what services Deionx can provide you with. Our customer service can be reached by calling the following phone number: +31 164 265921. We hope to welcome you soon! If you have any pressing questions at the moment, also feel free to contact us.

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