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The DeionX ROEDI pure water system is an all-in-one solution to produce high purity water for laboratory and smaller scale production applications. It contains pre-filters, reverse-osmosis module, electro-deionization module and softener as an option. That means city water would be qualified for the input to reach desired ultrapure water.


  • Intelligent HMI for system control and information
  • Clear and accurate operation monitoring
  • 2 channel calibratable conductivity measurement
  • High quality switched mode power supply
  • Stable continuous operating system with consistent product quality
  • No need to transport or replace ion exchangers
  • Limited periodic maintenance


  • Compact design with small foot print
  • Stable and firm frame construction
  • Light and anti-corrosion in the mean time
  • Convenient for maintenance
  • Storage space for softeners and/or filter cartridges

Water Quality

  • Generating highly purified deionized water
  • Disinfected by integrated UV disinfection system
  • Customized product water threshold criteria
  • Automatic divert valves in case of unqualified product water


  • Flow and pressure transmitters
  • Remote control by web browsers via WLAN
  • Remote control by mobile phones via SMS
  • Softener


  • Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Micro-electronics Industry
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Industry Electro Separation


Nominal Product Flow 500 lph
Width (mm) 570 mm
Height (mm) 1980 mm
Depth (mm) 1200 mm
Electrical Supply 230 VAC / 400 VAC
Electrical Power Consumption 3,5 kW
System Recovery RO 75%
System Recovery EDI 90%
Feed Water Quality < 600 μS/cm
Feed Flow Pressure 2 – 4 Bar
Feed Temp. 10 < 30 °C
Product Water Quality < 0.1
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