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E-Cell MK-3 Stack EDI

E-Cell MK-3 stack are electrodeionization (EDI) stacks that use electrical current to deionize and polish reverse osmosis (RO) permeate water. The product water for the MK-3 is at an Ultrapure level required in today’s most demanding applications.


  • Firstly, provide ultrapure water for industrial applications including Power, Semiconductor, and General Industry.
  • Secondly, produce Mixed Bed quality water on a continuous basis.
  • Thirdly, require no caustic or acid for the regeneration of ion exchange resin within the stack.
  • Next, be leak-free, guaranteed.
  • Lastly, eliminate brine injection and concentrate recirculation, simplifying system design

Quality Assurance

  • Firstly, CE, UL & CSA marked
  • Secondly, manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 facility


  • Flow and pressure transmitters
  • Isolation valves
  • Automatic valves
  • Piping and frame material
  • Cleaning connections (CIP)
  • Instrumentation type and brand


  • Microelectronics Industry
  • Power Generation (NOx, Boiler Feed)
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Industry Electro Separation


Stack Specifications
Nominal flow 3,4 m³/h
Maximum flow 1,7 to 4,5 m³/h
Shipping weight, approx. 92 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d), approx. 31 x 61 x 48 cm
Typical Performance
Resistivity >16 MOhm·cm
Sodium < 3 ppb
Silica (SiO2) Removal Up to 99% or < 5 ppb
Boron Removal > 95 %
Operating Parameters
Recovery Up to 97 %
1Concentrate flow Counter current to Product flow
Voltage 0 – 300 VDC 0 to 400 VDC
Amperage 0 to 5,2 ADC
Inlet Pressure (Counter Current) 4,1-6,9 bar
Inlet Pressure (Co-Current) 3,1-6,9 bar
Pressure Drop at Nominal Flow 1,4-2,8 bar
Maximum Feedwater Specifications
Feedwater – Total Exchangeable Anions (TEA as CaCO3) < 25 mg/l
Feedwater – Conductivity, NaHCO3 equivalent < 43 µS/cm
Temperature 5 to 40 ⁰C
Total hardness (as CaCO3) < 1.0 mg/l
Silica (SiO2) < 1.0 mg/l
Total Organic Carbon, TOC as C < 0.5 mg/l
Total Chlorine Total Chlorine < 0.05 mg/l

1Co-flow operation is acceptable when feed hardness
concentrations are <0.1 ppm as CaCO3.

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