Liqui-Cel Degassing Modules

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  • Liqui-Cel EXF Series


    Liqui-Cel EXF Series

    3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors are commonly used for gas transfer with water or with fluids that have a similar surface tension to water. They utilize a patented radial flow design and are available in a variety of contactor sizes that are ideal for flow rates between 0,1-91 m3/h. Larger flow rates are easily handled by piping multiple contactors in parallel.

    Capable of achieving < 1 ppm CO2 and < 1 ppb O2, Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors provide significant benefits to industrial processes by removing or adding gases to liquids. For example, carbon dioxide and oxygen removal can reduce the impact of corrosion on boilers and piping to protect capital investments and reduce operating costs. Removing these gases can also improve process efficiency and prevent negative impacts on production yields related to dissolved gases. Because of their cleanliness and predictability, LiquiCel Membrane Contactors are the standard degassing technology installed in ultrapure water systems for the Semiconductor, Microelectronics and many other industries.

    Although other degassing technologies, such as vacuum towers and forced draft deaerators have existed for many years, these technologies may be displaced by LiquiCel Membrane Contactors due to the smaller footprint, lower installation costs and the modular nature of membrane contactor systems. Contactors are easily piped together and can be readily expanded to meet growing capacity even after initial installation.