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Ionpure VNX specialist

Deionx is known as an official Ionpure LX, VNX and MX supplier and specialist in the Netherlands. Because of our large international network however, we are able to supply on an international scale. Ionpure is known for its innovative EDI systems which are used for deionizing water. This is done by a method called (continuous) electrodeionization and has its applications in a broad range of industries. As a supplier and specialist, Deionx is not just able to deliver the proper Ionpure LX, MX or VNX installation at your location, but we can also take care of maintenance and on- and offsite support. Feel free to look around at our website for a first impression of our range of products. You can also contact us with any and all questions regarding Ionpure EDI cleaning and products.

As a supplier and specialist, we can tell you all about the advantages of the Ionpure LX, VNX and MX installations

Our vast experience, which spans over more than two decades, enables us to properly and profoundly inform our clients on the benefits of Ionpure EDI cleaning. What system is best suited for you, depends on the needs and nature of your company. Independent of the system that suits you best, the following advantages are applicable to all Ionpure EDI cleaning systems:

  • Very reliable opposed to traditional systems;
  • Easy assembly;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Stackable modules.

Contact us for a tailor-made solution

In order to provide you with the right water purification system for your business, we will first need to be informed about your current situation. What line of business does your company operate in? What is your current solution for water purification and in what areas is this system unsatisfactory? Please contact Deionx and tell us your needs. In return, as a supplier and specialist, we can offer you a tailor-made solution using either Ionpure MX, VNX, LX, or one of our other systems. Contact us by calling +31 164 265921.

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