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Electrodeionization is one of the latest methods that is being used by various industries for the purpose of water purification. Deionx is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands that has specialized in various systems that use electrodeionization. There are various reasons why this method is to be preferred as opposed to more traditional technologies. Electrodeionization is a continuous operating water purification process that doesn’t need chemicals for regeneration. For more information about our systems and our way of working here at Deionx, please contact our customer service, they’d be happy to assist you.

Possible applications for electrodeionization

Electrodeionization is exceptionally well suited for industrial applications such as:

  • The power industry;
  • The pharmaceutical industry;
  • Laboratories;
  • Semiconductors and microelectronics;
  • General industrial applications.

Whether this method of water purification is suited for the application that you have in mind, depends on the application and finding the right system.

Deionx helps you find a fitting solution

At Deionx we have over 20 years of experience in electrodeionization related systems. We can therefore help you find a fitting solution for your water purification needs. In order to gain more profound information on the matter, please contact us by calling the following number: +31 164 265921.

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