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DeionX has specialized in the assembly and delivery of complete Electro Deionization (EDI) systems for a wide range of applications. DeionX, based in the Netherlands, delivers EDI Equipment across the world. DeionX most important daily activities consist of extensive technical client support.

Our “state of the art” systems are designed to deliver highly purified water with a minimum need for maintenance.


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DeionX EDI systems:

  • Provide the highest guaranteed Ultrapure Water quality for industrial applications including Power, Semiconductor and General Industry.
  • Are easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • As a standard system are configurated with:
    • Polypropylene piping
    • Glass Reinforced (GRP) frame
    • Rota meters and pressure gauges
  • Produce the best water quality:
    • Resistivity up to 18,2 MΩ∙cm
    • Boron removal typically > 96%
    • Power consumption 0,15-0,45 kWh/m3
    • Recovery allowable up to 97%
  • Can meet the highest guarantees:
    • Resistivity > 16 MΩ∙cm
    • Silica < 5 ppb

DeionX is authorized International System Provider for Iontech, E-Cell (GE) and Ionpure (Evoqua) products, the world market leaders in the field of EDI-stacks.

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