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E Cell 3x supplier

Deionx is a Netherlands based E Cell 3x supplier. As such, we are able to deliver, install, maintain and repair E Cell EDI systems and E-Cell power supplies and offer ongoing support to our customers. Our E Cell 3x power supplies, based on switched mode technology, are designed to provide the most efficient DC power for your EDI applications.

The E Cell power supplies are used to split the H2O into H+ and OH- used to continuously regenerate the resins inside the E-Cell stack, which means that this process of water purification no longer has to rely on the support of chemical components like acid or caustic for the regeneration of ion exchange resins in the stack. As a supplier, Deionx can deliver you the latest E Cell 3x model and offer you proper EDI support, such as installation on site. If you wish to know more about the specifics of the E Cell power supplies that we sell, please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of Deionx as your E Cell 3x supplier

The E Cell EDI stacks use a continuous electrical current in combination with ion exchange resins to deionize and polish reverse osmosis permeate water. Among the advantages of the E Cell power supplies are a smaller size and lighter weight because heavy transformers are no longer required. Because of this reduced size, standby power loss is also greatly reduced, compared with more traditional technologies. Furthermore, choosing Deionx as your E Cell 3x supplier offers you the following benefits:

  • All E Cell power supplies from DeionX are Switched Mode Power Supplies;
  • As a specialist in E Cell EDI, Deionx can always offer you proper technical support;
  • Verification of the actual performance of your E Cell power supplies as this may vary depending on site conditions.

Contact us for a non-binding introduction

Because of the technical nature of our products we would like to further inform you in a non-binding introduction at a location of your choice. In order to make an appointment, Deionx can be contacted by calling +31 164 265921.

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