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Specialist in the field of Ultra Pure Water (UPW) applications

Since more than 25 years, we are a worldwide acting ‘Service Provider’ for Electro Deionization (EDI) systems, setting the gold standard in the realm of UPW Systems. Our expertise in UltraPure Water Systems isn’t just comprehensive; it’s proven across continents and industries, ensuring that quality and innovation are constants in every endeavor we undertake.

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A high-tech enterprise specialised in the development and production of UPW Systems

Our knowledge and experience are used across the world for efficient implementation of EDI technology in water treatment systems to produce UltraPure Water. As a specialist in this technology, we have been contracted frequently by manufacturers such as GE E-Cell, QUA FEDI, and other water treatment companies to support them with commissioning and troubleshooting EDI systems all over the world. The incorporation of electrodeionization into our solutions marks a significant leap in our capacity to serve diverse market needs. We don’t just understand UPW Systems; we pioneer advancements that reshape industry standards.

We have also used our knowledge and experience to develop our own range of complete UPW Systems like our ROEDI, BloX, and 3X-series, and products such as Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). Beyond these, our pure water systems stand as a testament to our versatility and commitment to purity. If requested, our installations can be adapted to meet specific requirements or standards like the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), or to meet the ASTM type I, II, or III specifications.

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We deliver completely validated UPW systems

Our equipment is used in various industries such as the power industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food industry to produce process water and water for research and laboratory activities. In contexts where the highest grade of purified water is imperative, we are capable of delivering Type 1 water, fulfilling the most stringent standards required in critical applications. As a worldwide respected ‘Service Provider’, we distribute a variety of UltraPure Water-related products, including spares and consumables, directly from our European store based in The Netherlands, like:

  • Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors
  • ElectroDeionization (EDI) stacks of Iontech, E-Cell, and Ionpure
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Our branch and product knowledge enables us to guarantee and offer you qualitative high-end solutions that meet your expectations at all levels.

Your next step towards unparalleled UltraPure Water Systems

Embarking on a journey with our UPW Systems means investing in reliability, efficiency, and unmatched purity for your specific industry needs. Whether your operations are vast or modest, local or global, we invite you to explore our exceptional range of products and solutions. Dive deep into the innovative world of UltraPure Water Systems by reaching out to us today. Request a quote and let’s discuss how our proven expertise can elevate your water quality standards to unprecedented heights. Your commitment to quality deserves nothing less than our unparalleled service and solutions.

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